Zero String Vision

'... and will now sell The Club’s vision to the desired player by writing a succession of noughts on a piece of paper ...'

Here's a natty piece of video call engagement gleaned via the above inspo from an irreverent football transfer commentator. In context of team awash with cash having duly identified and wishing to impress their target new recruit.

In this case, the string of zeroes applies to the enormous wages no doubt on offer.

One specific memory snapped into mind on reading this.

A time when sitting at a table with a prospect. In the days when I used a large format calendar as daybook. Kept well stocked with insertion of a few sheets of loose blank A4 paper just inside the hardback cover.

The 'buyer' expressed a sense of doubt as to compelling motivation to purchase.

I whipped out a plain sheet. And filled it writ large with specific digits.

Which represented the monetary amount that was being 'lost' as we spoke by not going ahead with my proposal. A figure already verified by the prospect.

Then a deft swivel of the page towards the other person, leaving the number front and centre of our subsequent dealings that day.

Simple and effective.

Away from either side of a desk to beamed via desktop, this tactic can be readily adapted.

It builds on the tried and trusted trope asking participants to write down the one thing that sums up for them the issue at hand.

Note that attendees to your call would know ahead that a marker pen and sticky note pad are part of the required tools.

Then ask all to hold up to the webcam.

The 'best' answers are the ones that beautifully, succinctly encapsulate what you're trying to achieve.

They needn't appear on first run, as you often find the initial ideas spark great conversations and even better iterations. And people generally enjoy that as a process, meaning it earns greater impact.

Formats can vary too. As in this vibe, a number can work well.

Likewise a word or short phrase.

Then there's the hardly ever seen at the outset; the graphic, chart or diagram representation. But you can gain traction reframing for this as you progress.

I also see the informal value of doing this the other way 'round.

When on-mic, you can write down the 'big number' on scrap paper (part of your meez) and hold it up yourself.

I do this a lot another way when videoing from my main lab. Leaving imagery behind me I've just scribbled up to be on view throughout the call. An absolute winner.

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