Trick, Decoded

A freelance task platform initiative reached my inbox, bandwagonning the latest pop-sci juggernaut. Here's a trio of their straps to entice.

AI, decoded
amAIzing projects
get into the (algo) rhythm

Whilst this is marketing copy, our selling thrust might well take a tip from it.

Let's set aside the pun-able latter pair. Focus on their lead strap. And its labelling suffix;


There's a topic relevant to your prospect. Probably central to their ambitions. Yet they sense there's a way to go yet before they get to grips with it.

It might be a particular discipline. A way of doing something. Or as in this case, the latest all-consuming trending tech.

Whatever it is, it'll possess a secret sauce. Ingredient X. Little magic trick.

For which they'd appreciate some sneak peek behind the curtain. A friendly whistleblower. The mystery, solved.

Think what may have been an equivalent in the past;

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About [X]* (*But Were Afraid to Ask). [Y] 102. How To [Z] Like An Expert.

The point being, the reveal is what's sought.

I was surprised by a book search result that pretty much returned just three books with this label above as title.

A novel surrounding a genius cryptographer. A rapper's memoir. A pop-biz how-to with the subhead, 'the science behind why we buy'.

Which gives you glimpse as to us being able to use the word for our own means.

What is it that your prospect wants to understand, tame, master?

How can you decode it for them?

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