You A Sixth Waver?

“Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on scepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria.”

The summation of fund manager 'legend', Sir John Templeton.

That alone is worth a decent sales slide. In the very least, one annotated by striking out the stock market trader term 'bull markets' for a description within your own arena.

It holds a kind of counter-cultural, leave the sheeple, if 'experts all say one thing the opposite is probably true' thinking so appealing to someone like me.

Success tends to stem from the margins, not the mainstream. Such fountains spring from the fringes where least expected. Such as at the borders of functions, with useful discoveries from previously unmined multi-disciplinary combinations. Typically having made connections crackle from fresh bonds forged for the first time.

And certain times make what can happen here all the more prominent.

Are we in one such place on 'the cycle' right now?

It may well be. For as I've blogged on before, the most prescient of these is the vaunted K-Wave.

For instance, mentioned during 2020 [] and even as far back as in 2008 [].

We could be at a point where a convergence among aspects of innovations already with us allow for a whole new world.

It is seldom the one thing. Not alone, an AI, robotics or IoT. But rather, how links emerge for a fresh path.

In my daily realm, this feels very much the case with remote working connections.

Such as where video conferencing on its own isn't the key. But somewhere when video comes together with say, async working and different ways of approaching productivity gains to elevate how we do what we do, and the current way we do so morphs.

Can you tap into this? Add the treasured extra node to your network? See the new way spark?

After all, as one of the old sayings goes whenever you're trying to persuade someone to think in a new way, or simply 'sell' something new;

'everything you're using today was once new at some point too'.

And as a footnote - given this ad screenshot below of the latest bandwagon-ing army of Internet Marketers force fed me lately - being a Sixth Waver simply builds on experience from the previous Five over the past 235 years. It can indeed be now where fortunes (and careers) are made ...

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