Zoom Panes; Pt 4 Windows


Here I try to curate unusual examples of windows as video backdrops from rolling news slots.

The general rule though, is for our business calls to avoid window intrusion as much as possible.

Let's start with a rare sighting of night-time window on the world, courtesy of a music tour manager from his Brighton abode.

Can be quite the effect, hey. There's plenty of examples of Manhattan residents doing similar from their tower blocks too, albeit with less movement than this sample.

Moving on to a trio of lighting improvements which can be made, where the subject - ie, you - can be properly illuminated a touch better.

In each case the split in daylighting on the person (less pronounced on the first example) distracts too much I think.

The wider spread can also be spotted.

Some promise among these four above with slightly altered angling.

Another trio now, with window directly behind.

Remember to avoid the nostrilcam too.

Now a pair with a cornering perspective.

You could make a full post about Lizzy Cundy appearances alone.

And here below with a shot most of us may be familiar with ourselves, from the City office of a lawyer.

And this final trio where the panes are hidden. Reminiscent of the classic Anna Wintour drawn curtains previously posted.

Reeded glass in the last one?

Windows needn't be a concentration killer for your co-callers. A little care and you could make a decent shot if it.

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