Zoom Wave Vote Jolt

Here’s part of our new language of remote working business that we can adapt for the occasional extra bonding with our prospects.

The zoom wave is that raised palm, close to our chin and in front of one shoulder, that gets jigged side to side, normally as we announce our arrival to others or sign-off visually on a video call.

It has been accepted as a ‘thing’ lately, one year on from widespread, explosive, video meeting adoption.

And is apparently set to stay.

Many observers deem this a good addition to our daily body language. Adapting to the fresh communication channel. As such, media minds [one top-search-result American example] rush to tell us how it should be done.

I sense this might be a cool way of eliciting engagement on a sales video call.

How do you check that the current discussion point is truly put to bed at that moment?

What about asking for zoom waves if agreement has been reached?

‘All those who think this is settled, zoom wave now please!’

You’d be advised to pick your agenda item carefully.

Nothing too overly contentious or fractious perhaps.

Yet you might just be able to gauge quite a bit from overall response.

The vigour, the instancy, the accompanying smile.

One thing about the zoomwave that seems to appeal, is its link to our childhood playground experiences. (“We relate it to signals and cues of a preschool”, as explained in afore-ref’d article). Meaning we are subconsciously predisposed to enjoy the gesture and embrace as positive force.

The mere physical action too will help invigorate and engage your co-participants.

And with those that do not gesture, there is surely now uncovered a path to navigate, investigate for your benefit.

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