Zoom Booths; Pt 3 Cars

Hello Road Warriors. For many years we've been phoning from our motors. Can we now do the occasional video call from our treasured vehicles too?

Well. The answer - provided we are not actually driving at the time - could be found from these examples.

Perhaps then, the right place to start is how absolutely not to do it.

This American senator became bemoaned around the world when trying to appear remotely. His virtual background couldn't hide the seat belt across his chest.

Not a way to behave. Astonishing from a lawmaker.

A trio of daytime English samples. Starting with a former international footballer.

A view of the Shropshire countryside, out the wound down window of this ex-special forces soldier.

And a politician keeping out the rain.

Notice how here, the lawmaker is the only one not still sat in the driving seat. Also shuts out rear windscreen interference and gives pleasant daylighting view from side window. Well done.

Yet now we have the perils of night-time.

Even more bizarre, as this first one is via a 'PR guru'. With mitigation of being from the back of a London cab?

No such excuse for this former Brexit politician though.

Although there is something about that porchlight.

Which this jolly ol' hack certainly doesn't have from the adjacent row of shops.

With this real estate presenter offering two more perils.

The door light. And the passing blue light.

And he's an entrepreneur from the world of pickles that used the back of his SUV as preferable to, and quieter than, anywhere from his home.

Lastly, how about your garage?

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