Zoomscapes so far of the 20s; Pt 2 OBs

Outside Broadcasts.

You ever been on a telephone conference call when outside?

Then you'll know the travails of pressing the number for the 'mute' key when you want to toggle between your vital utterings. Else the whistling wind, street bustle or car engine surrounding you will make everyone mad with you.

Inevitably, video calling has been spotted in the same frame.

Seasoned tv presenters know how to navigate this tricky terrain. Yet will still come a cropper.

So let's see what we might learn when 'outside' selling ourselves from examples of the genre these two years past.

Let's start with a couple we can't really replicate. First, an Oscar winner. Legendary actor Sir Anthony Hopkins chose a spot in his native rolling Welsh countryside as backdrop for his 'thank you'.

Not technically a zoom call, yet this following day's acceptance appearance (here screenshot from his Instagram posting) shows nature's remarkable power of cinematic depth. Did his people even choreograph the absence of golfers and that aeroplane contrail?

Next, a live news report. From an erupting volcano. By this scientist on the ground, holding his phone up. The Canary Isle covered in debris.

Our final of three healthy dollops of sky, courtesy of this retired English colonel.

Elevated cabling too.

From what looks like their back garden too, here's Annabel. An ex-tennis pro turned presenter.

Likewise, seasoned tv sofa veteran from London bolthole.

London broadsheet journo following suit.

Although back gardens can be tricky. Here's a valiant if slightly startling attempt from Folkestone.

Now a pair from bubbly showbiz reporter, Lucy. First, from this Devon golf course.

Then also called in on her phone from the entrance to a London office block.

You're likely spotting a few of the issues with outside-ing. Chief among them, lighting.

Also walking around London, this disgraced former politician turned radio phone-in host.

Not to be recommended.

What about beyond daylight hours?

London West End. A crepuscular Shepherd's Market.

Followed by night-time nightlife.

Popping overseas. Lawyer Lisa representing Epstein victims outside Manhattan courthouse.

Below, tabloid political heavyweight from Gibraltar. On holiday, holding his phone.

And longtime travel reporter Simon, dialling in from when Florida (kinda) re-opened.

Who also could be found stood outside Gatwick Airport on Red List announcement days.

Seems like he had his phone on a stand, add-on mic jacked in, with one earbud.

And lastly, how could we cope without a pub as option?

A celebratory pro-OB. Super Saturday. The first one. If only we'd known...

Bluetooth and the calibre of such enabled mic and audio kit makes the outdoors viable for video calls that sell. Yet plenty of caveats abound. If you can though try it out safely, then don't be afraid to give it a go.

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