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Well, yesterday's crunch match was a thriller.

Savour two teams in such elite, prolonged and era-defining rivalry.

The football match - the prelude to which prompted yesterday's post - ended in an honourable 2-2 draw. Although as a neutral, I think it's fair to say the blue team probably should've won.

In the aftermath, here's two paragraphs from one of the many gushing post-match analyses.

It took 10 minutes for Liverpool to equalise. It was a lovely goal made by Andy Robertson’s delightful chipped pass to the back post, where Alexander-Arnold was in place to provide a velum-bound, goose feather-stuffed touch-off into the path of Diogo Jota, who just had to ease it into the net.
It was a finely worked goal. And more than that a moment of pure, luminous Liverpool full-back‑ism, a kind of manifesto goal, a moment that said, yes, we really are going to keep doing this, being entirely ourselves, overloading our own strengths, daring you to plug at our weaknesses.

Amidst a breathless game, the construct referenced here is delicious;

"a kind of manifesto goal".

At first I wondered why the writer had not used the usual labelling; signature goal?

But it was quickly apparent that the chosen phrasing runs deeper.

Signature reflects what you are renowned for in a moment of notable success. Manifesto instead references more the values that run through your core and shape your entire approach.

A signature deal can be where we win a client that for us sets out where we stand. A manifesto deal is where we win a client that exudes how we think and act.

A manifesto win is one where our soul is on show. The process pursued reveals our inner beliefs. We've met a kindred spirit, and together we shall conquer our little corner of the world, and who knows what beyond.

Solution selling throws huge opportunity to succeed in such manner.

The type of customer personality. Method of fixing something. Vision. Evaluation rubric. Collaboration parameters. Setting forth legacy. Corporate financial socialisation. Strategy versus tactics. Horizons over headlines. Development. Maintenance.

Ten traits which can mould our impenetrable market presence.

Can you do similar to 'overload your own strengths' too?

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