2-Column Scorecard Comparisons

In perhaps similar vein to the meme, ‘how it started how it’s going’, I happened across this tweet from a remote work advocate.

It’s quite an arresting visual.

A template that would make for a decent slide or discussion jpeg sent through on a bid.

The dark background is always a winner.

Sorting the fifteen criteria in aesthetically pleasing cascading justification manner with shortest wording top.

Luck (or cunning planning?) that ‘work’ occupies top slot in said ordering.

Simple emoji tick and no entry for yes/no.

The context here is to keep selling ‘remote’ services.

Among a continual drip-feed of why the future is set to stay well below the pre-pandemic office-bound levels.

Other accompanying tweets suggest supporting survey data.

Such as, ‘8x more people want full-time remote work vs. those who want full-time office work’. Emanating from, ‘96% don’t want to go back to an office full-time, 69% want remote a majority of time 1 in 3 want full-time remote‘. Amid the present belief that, ‘30% of people will work remotely after Coivd [sic]’.

Along with obligatory t-shirt slogan deepisms. Like;

Dinosaurs went extinct
Covid is an asteroid for office space

Pushing an open door with me, obvs. Yet here I’m more concerned with the method of messaging, rather than actual message.

Also, anyone familiar with the two-column closing technique – aka the Ben Franklin – will admire this approach too.

Although here, the focus is on how two options stack up for a pre-determined set of criteria, so slightly different.

In either case, a proven technique for moving discussions your way.

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