Apocalyptic Memejack Riders

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as seen in modern-day setting. By one of thousands of twitter examples I could have picked.

I myself would have chosen different alternatives to the well-trodden trope of conquest, war, famine and plague related to the past year’s pandemic mania.

I selected this one as they made the effort to also remix the framing; The 4 Riders of Corona! From the Gates of Soros they ride! Punny, too.

This trope also offers the pleasing possible use of colour. As each aforementioned ‘horse’ corresponds to a white, red, black and finally a ‘pale’ one (most commonly depicted specifically as pale green).

If you wish to depict any particular ills threatening your world, then an appropriate branding colour of choice can be paled as required.

The names you choose can be highly tailored. Or could go for a safer more generic quartet that would feature on many a prospect scenario;

Stagnation, Competition, Instability, Technology.

Similar memes which may be less controversial include the ‘distracted boyfriend’ and the smiling sideways glancing Usain Bolt Olympic 100m semi-final finish.

You might even use this as a lens for discussion with your pet prospect personality.

If they were four such horsemen riding to possibly end their days, what would they be?

It would make for quite the shocking jolt in a presentation.

The 4 Riders of [not following you], from the Gates of [insert threatening force source of choice] they ride.

Yet if you are trying to challenge and like to be provocative, then the joint aim is really to agree to fend these off.

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