River Of Case Walls

Blogging on the terrific English tv cold-case detective show Unforgotten after its utterly absorbing emotional wringer of a fourth season finale reminded me of another recent crime series.

River (2015) also shared its star. A right-hand woman who although murdered prior the start, appeared to the main man as revisiting voice in his head whilst he attempted to bring justice on her killer. An intriguing take on Scandi-noir its six-hours indeed were.

Its scene dressing was certainly interesting from a Sales perspective.

Specifically, in the various forms of ‘case wall’ prominent throughout.

Something similar should be part of any seller workspace.

No excuses.

They should mainly be concerned with how your sales process works. The pattern of events and actions which when in play, practically guarantee your success.

Secondarily, if you sell where there’s pretty much exclusively one big deal at a time, then you can have a separate wall for how that bid runs against said process.

So let’s have a look at how London-based Swede Detective Inspector John River saw his world.

One of five different case walls glimpsed seen here with River’s boss standing alongside.

Next up, an early sighting on the wall the other side of the room from River’s desk.

Later on, a standalone solution, in the middle of a general open-plan office.

Then a close-up example of the case wall specific to his murdered colleague’s demise.

Fifth and finally, here’s bookshelving in River’s apartment.

A space which, slightly prompted by his new junior partner, he repurposed.

And studiously began to fill.

postscript, for those of you who like to craft your selling prose, how about this as a template, a standout passage from River himself when reluctantly in his first proper psych session, delivered pretty much as poetry;

There should be more than one word for love.
I’ve seen love that kills
And I’ve seen love that redeems
I’ve seen love that believes in the guilty
And love that saves the bereaved
What we will do for love
Die for it, even.

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