5 Text Prop On-Screen Tips From Radio

opening salvo

The talk radio legend that is James Whale has long had a sidekick. Sadly a villawit, yet Asher Gould is a most complementary pair of comfy slippers for their natterings.

Their channel has been shown via youtube for over a year now. Save for a brief yet disgraceful muzzling by mistakenly anti-free (and anti-fair) speech Google that was thankfully reversed.

As such, I had on my big screen their show running in the background the other night (15 April 2021).

Their producer was playing around with muting each presenter in turn.

Whilst James resorted to mime to demonstrate his disgruntlement, Ash turned to the written word.

He duly scribbled with blue biro on plain A4 sheet.


Before adding the show’s call-in phone number underneath in similar fashion.

What you’ll note are a salutary lesson quintet for all us video meeting protagonists.

Buy a thick-nibbed pen.

Standard ball-point ones do not cut it. Nor do your typical whiteboard markers, either.

Keep your scrawlings to a minimum.

A single word, a very short phrase, or key number, even a mini-diagram detail type simple chart, held up for affect, can work wonders for message alert and ultimate retention.

Vary how you display.

You can peak above it, chad-style. Let it obliterate you and fill your screen. Or hold alongside while you talk and point. Do though keep still long enough in some place so others can actually read it and properly take it in.

Check for focus.

There will be an optimum distance from your webcam that gives the sharpest rendering to your co-participants. Practice beforehand to find where best to hold up your page.

And lastly, just remember to use this trick.

Any call with unusual movements or techniques will be a better call. One which helps you to get what you want from it.

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