20min Splashdown Slide

I spent twenty minutes swiftly re-creating the splashdown shot of humankind’s first space flight by civilians.

No cosmonaut, astronaut nor taikonaut on board.

I then spent ten minutes more playing and with different colours.

There’s also a sales prep lesson in that.

Above features my Video Calls That Sell book cover palette.

Four colours here. Or for shortcuts, three+greys. If you know your permutation and combination stats maths, then you’ll know how long you could spend (waste) deep down the rabbit hole of swapping them around.

Still, the original crepuscular footage is wonderful;

There’s many a willing business and Sales analogy in this latest successful SpaceX rocket trip.

Set the scene in your – or better, your prospect – colours and you’ll likely be making a point that sticks.

From take-off/launch, through orbit, all the way back down to safe re-entry and landing where you wanted to be.

A splashing slide.


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