Greek Your Variant

Given the translating pronunciation, maybe an adaptation might be even better; Alpha Nu Cigma.

What is surely unarguable, is the rampant corruption, capture of public assets and mounting catastrophic failure of the ruling S African ANC political party and their kleptocracy. Mandela surely spinning in his grave with disgust.

Coronavirus pushed such mismanagement both more brazen and visible. At the outset, the half a billion Rand of foreign aid to buy PPE being pilfered a particularly abhorrent crime. Yet even this, a mere stolen drop in the crooked ocean.

The President – a man of enormous wealth by dint of the same backroom giftings minting post-Soviet Russian oligarchs – knows nothing of commerce. And it shows. The latest bitter ‘comedy’ being that said party of which he’s head has staff on strike because they’re not getting paid. As the organisation’s shocking “cash crunch deepens”.

CNN-sanctioned context to help frame the above tweets.

Moving on from the huge disappointment of an amazing opportunity wasted, in that most wonderful of land, of a most dynamic of people, I sensed a spot of enemy building coming into play.

Is there a problem in your world, summed up by a mere two or three word phrase? The label of which yielding just two or three initials?

If so, then can you too re-craft them a variant?

Take those pair or trio of initials, and sub-in the Greek letters.

Wikipedia even lists them for us.

This also neatly achieves what those crazies at The WHO in the pocket of the villainous Chinese Communist Party also sought when re-naming originally mutating bugs.

A different way of framing.

One which may well suit your political ends too.

Especially if you know your duration of suffering. Like the above Mzansi post-1994 timespan.

Allowing the analogy to go farther.

As you have an array of actions, preventions and cures at your disposal to rid your arena of the malady.

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