5 Fanged Buyer Questions

I quickly snapped this hazy graphic from a telly playing the CNBC stocks and shares show Halftime Report. The panel discussion was around the merits of buying a part of any of the so-called Fangs. Normally five, they chose to purposely omit Apple from these particular riffs. (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google/Alphabet remained of the acronym).

Judgment was based around a Citibank list of five questions. Specifically crafted for these globally (ex the autocracy and IP-thievery of China) dominant market shapers.

  • sound strategy?
  • ‘street’ estimates reasonable?
  • government disruption?
  • robust multiple?
  • can operating leverage improve over next 24 months?

There’s a touch of pleasure in the simplicity of this approach.

It occurs that any potential purchase in our b2b ‘solution’ realm might well benefit from similar treatment.

One that can be framed to aid your buyer’s thought processes.

You have a similar quintet, the answers to which inevitably put you in best light for the eventual signature?

  • sound strategy?
  • roi estimate reasonable?
  • market disruption?
  • robust implementation?
  • operating savings and gains improve over time?

Adapt as required.

And note their presentation too. Using what Powerpoint terms its ‘snip single corner rectangle’ shape. Makes for a simple yet hopefully striking slide addition to your pitch.

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