95pc of Diets Fail

Or do they?

But then again, does it really matter?

The fact transcends the stat.

Hardly any diets generate long-term weight loss.

Whether it’s more or less than one in twenty that work pretty irrelevant.

Regardless of Atkins, Hay, Keto, Paleo, Dukan, Banting or any many of F-plans.

Diets succeed so rarely that when a stunning celebrity slimmer speeds round the world’s feeds – like Adele’s with her recent 32nd birthday snap above – all manner of media and minions alike cannot help but marvel. Then without any context or knowledge of the specific case, debate and pontificate upon among other things, fat-shaming. (eyeroll emoji…)

Long ago, I recall grey-haired sales bosses bemoan the surge for computerised sales activity recording in dismissive terms. Equating the latest must-have solution as like the latest fad diet. The implication firmly meant to land that none of the vendors unleashed the magic they claimed.

Which might get levelled at many a new business app rush.

Still, efforts like this grammy-winning singer’s do shine through.

Just as occasional new tech can actually improve the commercial lot.

One theme why they succeed might be shared.

The long-term nature of the endeavour is fully understood. Embraced, even.

Nothing happens without multiple, aligned moves.

In Enterprise Sales as it is for dieters. Pay close attention to the requisite levels of resource, environment, commitment.

Are these in play for your prospect?

Nothing in our world is totally plug ‘n play.

Are they truly prepped for their ‘lifestyle’ changes to start to see milestones hit and success start snowballing?

So. How is your prospect hoping to be the next Adele?

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