American Animals-ify Your Office

the dramatisation ringleader

If not quite the self-appointed ringleader, then certainly the energy behind pushing through with the crime, Warren Lipka and his three friends tried to steal very rare and expensive books from the library of their university in Kentucky.

The 2004 heist became the excellent 2018 movie American Animals with its innovative blend of documentary and re-enactment.

The screenshot up-top shows part of their intricate planning. Both ‘getaway’ and ‘heist’ have their dedicated maps and graphics. This was created, it appears, mainly by Warren and Spencer Reinhard. We are led to believe they enjoyed this part of the process very much. Almost like as part of a thrilling game, with no need to actually carry out the raid as this gave pleasure enough.

Just recently, back in December 2018, I also wrote of such visualisation tendencies via another film. One giving glimpse of a lawyer’s ‘case wall‘.

I’m not a fan of such typical, ‘-grammable’, pictorials like dreamboards as they stand.

More, I’m a definite proponent of styling your Sales work space to reflect what’s good about where you sell and how you best get there.

If students in their dorm room fantasy can paste their walls with such enlightened imagery, then I’m sure we solution sellers can go one better.

the real-life ringleader

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