Cartooning For Attention

I do like the occasional cartoon. I use them a lot in slide decks that run a workshop session. I tend to photoshop in my own, naturally witty, text, relating to the personalities I’m working with.

A friend of mine introduced me to this cartoonist. He’s really a marketing guy, but I was happy to find the odd fun foray into Sales.

I love using this treatment for a touch of levity in internal forums. Like a training morning.

Yet the most positive reaction I ever got was from a Matt cartoon I adapted. He’s the deservedly popular Daily Telegraph frontpage news cartoonist. All I did was copy it into Powerpoint and write my own strapline instead of his.

It’s a great trick to make your next deck a bit different and more memorable. Just a mild warning, humour in presentations and prospects are not always suitable bedfellows. So perhaps best you find your feet first in an internal setting.

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