Amy Cuddy TED Power Pose Talk

This is one of the all-time most viewed Ted Talks.

It’s worth the twenty-minute watch for the few subtleties you can consciously add to your physical selling demeanour. Why suffer penguin arms when you can be a piping hot teapot?

For me, as an Anglo-Saxon with a sometimes strangely Latin pair of arms, these revolve around owning your space to reach desired aims.

The talk is so good in part because of pre-conclusion couple of minutes. Here the speaker recounts superbly experience of thinking you don’t belong. Not a dry eye in the house alongside rapturous cheers from the unrestrained Edinburgh audience.

Salespeople appreciate the importance that social scientists place on “nonverbals” in power dynamics. Here’s five pointers from the expert;

Perform a power posture for two minutes before any selling performance; do not collapse in on yourself but do fill your space (with a neat nod to the Wonder Woman pose).

“When you pretend to be powerful you’re more likely to be powerful”

Note six given traits that give you genuine presence (her slide below)

Know that “tiny tweaks can make BIG CHANGES

& lastly, with reference to ‘fake it ’til you make it’, “Fake It Til You Become It”

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