Andy Murray's Snarky T-Shirt


Tennis champ Andy Murray likes his statement t-shirts.

After a first round Wimbledon win, here’s his T’s message, courtesy of current sponsor, Under Armour;

No Excuses

No Apologies

On national radio, his entertaining post-match commitments required him to answer the kinds of questions reserved for popstars via starstruck teens.

His favourite film apparently The Usual Suspects. Pizza topping of choice pepperoni. Envy for the polyglot skills of Federer and Djokovic.

With his panel-show calibre deflection of (Brit Women #1) Heather Watson’s comedy one-word description of him as “snarky”. (Slang for withering dismissal).

I recognise snarkiness in too-many a salesteam I’ve known. Indeed, one would be too many.

I can see this kind of slogan being gleefully repeated across internal conferences. Enlarging various “sticks” over ignored “carrots”.

Better to use such imagery and sentiment to open up discussion.

If you’re a sales department leader, how about asking your team how they might reframe Murray’s training mantra?

You could start off with other “No” ideas.

Then advance into the more positive. “More” springs to mind.

Either way, an interesting and potentially revealing H2 kick-off angle that can make unapologetic impact.

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