Apply Sleek Instagram Logo Trick To See What's Burned Into Your Sales Psyche

ig logos v1 v2

Who’d have thought it? This week the internet exploded.

Instagram updated its logo.

Hashtags changeitback and oldinsta flooded uploads.

You can’t help but chuckle along with the designer in charge. On reaction that would ensue, Fast Company knowingly quoted him jokingly considering the less-than-gushing(1)“Maybe I’ll take a vacation … In a bunker.”

So how did the 9-month project begin? Fastco revealed that too;

Ask the whole company to draw the logo from memory in 10 seconds or less.

As design head Ian Spalter found;

“That gave us a sense of what was burned in”

A trio of key elements emerged duly branded (the camera lens, the rounded shape of the icon, and, surprisingly, the little black viewfinder in the top right corner).

300 variations later, the upgraded symbol arrived. Courtesy of this slick video:

Despite which, many moaned, mocked or even made their own(2).

Anyway, let’s consider their starting point.

Imagine you could ask your prospect to draw in ten seconds or less what your proposal meant to them…

Back in reality, if you run sales meetings internally (or say, convene a bid progress forum) then this is an exercise I’d recommend you conduct. In fact, why not try it yourself. Picture the chief benefit, your USP or that tight fit to vital requirement. Right now.

I’m a strong advocate of Sales scribbles. Drawing out on flipchart, whiteboard or plain paper scrap the unfolding marvel of a particular killer point.

If you’re new to that kind of marvel, then how about writing down a word or two instead first. Or a number rather. Crucially, inside the allotted ten second limit.

But as pictures work best, do give your own symbols a go.

Then you too will see what’s “burned in”. And your selling efforts will be better honed as a result. Not a single trolling hashtag in sight.

(1) One such example of this “vitriol”, here from one yelp within the self-styled “world’s leading liberal voice”;

hannahjaneparkinson on new ig logo

(2) Several content curators happened upon the meme the new logo earned itself, including Vogue fashionistas. As well as with hashtags such as instagramlogo & rebrand, designers across the web proffered their own take. Perhaps the ‘winner’ being this Danish idea:

new instagram logo flarup

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