Are They Into You Dating Clickbait

Not a terribly groundbreaking article as served up by the Aussie room of the dailymailonline juggernaut. Despite the clickbait title. Yet out of such slack staleness we can rescue an interesting Sales angle.

It’s not too taxing an exercise to come up with a version of these for Seven Red Flags A Prospect Is ‘Just Not Likely To Buy From You‘;

  1. Multitasking in your presence
  2. Never suggesting a ‘next call’ slot
  3. Never asking questions about your (or your company) ‘journey’ or ambitions
  4. Avoiding introducing you to colleagues
  5. Always saying they are busy-busy
  6. Failure to answer a straight question
  7. A niggling doubt or gut feeling that something isn’t right

The initial list comes from a Dating Coach. So perhaps this could be a ‘dating’ lens to apply across your forecast.

How about this for a remixed soundbite;

… the biggest red flag is when you find yourself questioning whether the buyer is into your bid in the first place, whereas a healthy business relationship will make you feel secure from the outset.

Let’s not mis-read the buyer equivalent of these as a kind of ‘treat ’em mean to keep ’em keen’ discount seeking ploy.


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