Silicon Happy Office Poster

Seeing inside a heavily funded startup’s workplace is always of interest. Nosey yes, but more so because you never know what ideas you can glean to keep your own space fresh and conducive to worldclass work.

And now courtesy of the career parachuting of His Royal Hypocrite we see inside a Silicon Valley comet.

“Performance coaching platform” (apparently, what one journalist trying it out labels an eye-wateringly expensive “mixture of goal-setting tool, educational library and gamified life tracker”) BetterUp in December 2019 (those were the days) had their offices uploaded by fitters called Eden.

I’ve already revealed how you could be a touch mischievous with such views with virtual backgrounding.

One pic shows a piece of office art. On a magnolia type wall, between a pair of floor to ceiling windows, a framed poster.

A quartet of rhombi. Quintet if you count the ‘middle’ one. Or should that be diamonds? Or parallelograms?

Still, such things are seldom random, are they?

You suspect that someone, somewhere has curated this.

And charged royally for the privilege.

Can remixing said design for a slide with your (or your prospect) colours give an edge to a point you wish to sink in?

With a simple piece of newsjack analogy.

A performance to coach? An impact to seek? A potential to champion?

Above is a vibe utilising my Video Calls That Sell cover palette.

Below, a short frieze with more samples. Starting left with a close approximation to the original as mounted in San Francisco. Then colours from covers of two other of my books; 101 Charts That Sell (centre) & 101 Diagrams That Sell (right).

As a bonus, I note from widespread screenshots published from the app’s 157 initial consultation questions a 5-point scale. Maybe you can use these gradients too on a good ‘ol Likert-style, preferences slide. Left being the less, Right more.

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