Bangkok Street Thai Cafe Stall Knows Their Best Seller And So Should You

khangsoi thai menu

Sathorn business district. Downtown Bangkok. Along Silom Road. A tiny alley (“soi”) with a pop-up yet permanent Thailand style coffee stall. Named after the alleyway, with counter on the main road’s pavement, Khang-soi brims with smiling servers.

What do you see first on their menu? A banner flag on the street. The only words not in Thai;

best seller

I then noticed the menu on the wall behind. This one’s in English.

khangsoi wallpricelistmenu

I couldn’t help but think on the number of times I’ve asked a solution salesrep what their best seller is. Only for them to be struck silent. Clueless.

I asked the owner if the Green Tea truly was the top item bought. She assured me it really was.

She knew not just their fastest moving line, but is also canny enough to tell the world.

Then there’s the added ideas on what’s new and a try-me.

My love of menu engineering thoroughly appreciated this.

It further reminded me of the kind of popchart rundown graphics which were such a feature of my youth. Number One, bullets, high climbers, new entries.

The treatment holds just as well for the b2b big ticket as it does for a commodity retail small-change product.

I hope you’re both letting your prospects know your No.1 and able to back that up with a proper pitch.

khangsoi bkk

…best seller;

khang-soi iced green tea B40

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