Perform Classical Music Appeal Switch From Mind To Feeling


Classical music always seems in crisis. Audience shrinking, regular attempts to spread its reach take place. Magazine critic Alexandra Coghlan made these remarks during a debate on the latest ‘trick’, a pay-what-you-want-at-the-end gig.

When you talk to people about classical music … [you hear] the words structure, intellectual, understanding.
It’s always about the mind.
It’s not about the feeling that people are leading with.
People are not saying I want to feel great.
I’m gonna go listen to some Beethoven.

Although not a classical music listener, I enjoyed this Newsnight piece.

Many a solution sales effort suffers from the same blight as symphonia purists.

And I sense the remedy follows a similar sound.

When we think more about the “mind”, we are less likely to gain an audience.

Too much on the supposed ‘facts and figures’ tends towards the bad.

We must also focus on the “feeling”. The ’emotions’. The reasons why our buyers will enjoy the feel-good-factor.

We want them to feel great about buying from us.

We must also let them know that they will.

We should lead on this and be music to their ears.

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