Tapping Into Team Sky Tour de Force


This pic shot round the web during Chris Froome’s brilliant Tour de France win.

It’s the cycling kit that followed him in his Team Sky Jag.

Team Principal Dave Brailsford is a magnificent leader.

I’ve blogged on his ways many times. (eg: be the best that you can be & magic wheels among others).

His commitment to the Marginal Gains philosophy is awesome.

For this race, he progressed from giving athletes ‘merely’ their own pillow every night, to lugging their personal linen and mattress to each hotel for them. And it seems he’s the first to bring their own motorhome devoted to a kitchen. So that the composition and delivery of the 9,000 daily calories each rider requires is never left to chance.

There is nothing that he feels cannot be improved.

No matter how seemingly inconsequential.

Each individual component – and its subcomponents – unpacked with forensic precision.

I even learned they have a job title of “head of winning behaviours“.

This conjures images of Sales Ops in our world.

Sadly, for what I consider such a vital role, I’ve never seen the function performed to distinction.

They focus too narrow.

Great training yet no coaching.

Deep inside tech reporting systems at the expense of genuine sales process.

All product lens ahead of customer viewpoint.

I hope you’re able to arrest such shortcoming.

Even looking at the pic above, I can’t help but compare their infeasibly crammed car with the empty hands of many a rep rocking up to a meeting. I’ve even seen highly-paid sellers ask for a pen and paper of their prospect as they sit down for a “chat”.

Certainly not a “winning behaviour”.

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