Bliss Point Contact

Courtesy of a recent fad diet creator, I see that the dreaded/desired place where peak pleasure lives is in the news again.

Their focus is on Big Food’s relentless drive to establish the necessary “bliss point“; the precise amount of sugar, fat or salt guaranteed to “send consumers over the moon”.

Specific ire in the direction of the sugar being overloaded into our diets, yet the term has a general economics reference;

a quantity of consumption where any further increase would make the consumer less satisfied. It is a quantity of consumption which maximizes utility in the absence of budget constraint.

I was intrigued to learn that whilst individual intakes alone may prove pleasurable, it is the combination of more than one that gives the real kicker. Rats would adapt their feeding if given too much sugar or fat separately. Yet when given together, they binged and dangerously engorged themselves.

I also note that the so-called positive psychology movement instigator, Professor Martin Slegiman – a chap worth admiring if alone for his suggestion that the key defining trait for sales success is optimism – feels that “Once the gross national product exceeds £5,475 per person the correlation between purchasing power and happiness disappears and added wealth brings no further life satisfaction.”

So there is a point post-bliss that yields no further pleasure. And beyond which you diminish joy.

I immediately thought about prospects of the past and their bliss points with their personal interactions with me.

I shudder at the memory of being instructed to speak every single day to forecasted buyers in the final month of a quarter. Scrabbling around for reasons to call. The pain from a once healthy rapport feeling jeopardised through unreplied voicemails. Especially when I felt the right process was smoothly in train.

What contact plan would provide your potential client happiness without compare?

What must you ‘deliver’ to reach such optimal response?

One of my favourites occurs to me here; timeline selling.

if you’ve established early what interactions and events should take place in their buying search, along with expectations for them set, then you run way less risk of being annoyingly over-familiar when the crunch comes.

Are you feeding your prospects with sugary overdose, or are they content as they take a sating delicious portion at a time?

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