Bring Your Pitch To Life With A Prop


I took this above pic of my telly. It’s the Ukraine President at the Davos World Economic Forum.

He holds a piece of bus coachwork wreckage to prove Russian involvement in a recent Donetsk massacre.

Stark image. Memorable message. True bullet points.

(I also note how the colours happen to coincide with the country’s flag.)

At the outset of my career I used to sell to defined verticals. One was the toy trade. I took to carrying a box around in the boot of my car filled with notable toys from customers. I’d take them into formal pitches and let the audience play with them.

A few years later, another line of business focus. One was car part distributors. I got my guys to keep various widgets with them that could physically show key link sell gaps.

Both worked extremely well. We certainly stood out.

A real-world prop really helps.

(Gimmicks though, do not.)

Even better if it is something tangible directly related to the prospect and the issue you seek to resolve.


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