Designing Your Own Moon Landing Mission Patch

Very much enjoying the mass of #moonlanding50 documentaries as we hit this momentous anniversary.

The image up-top takes the stars from the Flat Earth Society (I know!) and puts them in the two main colours of the circular bands around Apollo 11’s badge. This alone, in your own colours of need, would make for a cracking sales slide.

One further small element from the space program that intrigued me was the discovery that the astronauts themselves were tasked with creating their own “mission patch”.

Helpfully Nasa themselves tell the tale of its creation with the famed Apollo 11 crew. I’ve always liked such design origin stories. This one doesn’t disappoint. Explaining the presence of the emblematic eagle and olive branch. And the detail that the mistake of the shadow placement over Earth went uncorrected is remarkable.

As this insight reveals, design choices can tell so very much about ambitions. The fact that the crew themselves (with a little help from fellow astronauts) owned the job is fascinating in itself.

We’ve not got the time I’m pretty sure to mess around with this kind of thing. Too elementary school, right? Yet what an opportunity. To uncover and cement buy-in. For a new Sales endeavour of our own. And I’m pretty sure we could do better than the movie Armageddon managed, even if they didn’t have any thinking time at all in their freedom quest for all mankind:

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