Disarm Like Web Inventor And Malaria Doc

So with slightly more R&R over the festivities than normal, I’ve caught a pair of interesting objection handles. Specifically, they charmed the objection away when it was in danger of railroading them off-track. They both struck me as scenarios with similar sales siblings.

It’s All Bad And All Your Fault

Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He who masterminded the internet and gave it to us for free. He was getting usual unnecessarily venomous grilling from rolling news. Isn’t it horrendous, the interviewer demanded in typically mock-outrage, that there’s all sorts of horrors around the web, so you must be solely responsible, and you must be ashamed of yourself.

Thankfully, our Tim didn’t bite. He politely replied something like this;

Well, there’s so much good come from the web to say I bear the bad would mean I must also take all the credit for the huge good, and that’s clearly preposterous

Deftly dealt with. A level balance that we can apply when being ‘blamed’ for what we feel a disproportionate failing.

We Can Be Happy Where We’re At

Dr Richard Newman. He’s on a mission to end malaria killing people. He was quizzed on how he had the gall to ask for more money, when the death toll is falling as it is. The point was that our glass is half-full.

Again, he didn’t rant back. Instead he measuredly replied something like this;

Well, that’s alright but not if you’re a child in the half-empty side of the glass. We must continue as we are doing and go further too

Deftly dealt with. A reminder that the job is not in fact done which we could also apply when someone suggests our work is not or no longer necessary.

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