Do You Say Thanks When A Door Is Left Open For You?

It’s ridiculous what you can catch from the merest glimpse of a telly in a swanky office reception.

A ‘comic’ was plugging his latest book for those who like to read on the toilet. A collection of already published newspaper columns on life’s oh-so-hilarious irritations.

Viewers were asked to provide their biggest such annoyances. A top 5 emerged;

5 :: parents that let their children misbehave in restaurants
4 :: rude shop assistants
3 :: pushy cold callers
2 :: drivers that take up two parking bays
1 :: people that don’t say ‘thank you’ when you leave open a door for them

So “pushy cold callers” straight in at Number Three.

Should we be surprised?

Given the daytime audience gets bombarded with such, then probably not.

Bank fraud scalpers, payday loan sharks and personal injury ambulance chasers seem the current hated trio.

Now you know where all the double glazing, estate agent and loft insulation sales people moved to.

What strikes you is the deliberate, dismissive adjective; pushy.

And therein lies the flaw with virtually the entirety of the cold call teaching fraternity.

Every single “guru” or boss pretty much expects you to be “salesy”. A blatant synonym for pushy.

Smile-as-you-dial. “Hey!” How-are-yous. “That’s awesome!” Speak so quickly not even a cattle auctioneer could comprehend what you’re saying. Speak so enthusiastically even an American self-help scammer might get bedazzled.

Yet none of these portray true confidence.

None engender the absolute essential of genuine ‘conversation’.

Granted, we as solution, b2b sellers are not pitching a commoditised service for a few hundred quid. Yet the principles of success still apply.

You can get to hear your prospect utter affirmations like, “I’m so glad you rang”, “you’ve called at just the right time”,  “who’ve you been speaking to, hey?!” or “how did you know to call me today?!”

What would your prospect appreciate a proper conversation about?

Are you appropriately seeking their engagement in one?

When they leave their door open for you, don’t rush in. Remember to pause, move steadily and make your ‘thank you’ a considered walk through the issues.

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