Elements To The Perfect Apology

perfect apology six elements

I’ve blogged before on how we as salespeople must occasionally apologise. (Including from five years ago here and there).

Often through no direct fault of what’s under our direct personal control.

Delivery slippage. Product malfunction. Servicing over-run.

It helps to have a plan in place for when the storm rages.

So above there’s a blueprint from the boffins.

I’m reminded of a bar-owner/restaurateur pal of mine with his established routine around an “apology pizza”.

And how people never go back when experiencing decent food with bad service, yet will give somewhere another go even if the food is bad but service full of effort.

There is one item missing from this list for me though. Speed.

It’s an essential theme.

Immediacy is key.

Hold your hand up straight away. Get cracking instantly on your remedying process. Confirm and channel buy-in clientside sharpish.

Swiftness of response is then accompanied by constant communication throughout. Even more important in this age of instant messaging.

So many people leave it thinking it’ll all go away. It never does. And when it festers, well, the damage can spiral out of control, taking your commission swirling out of your reach with it.

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