Elon's All-Hands 2min Deck

A month back saw the man himself post this above intro at his SpaceX company-wide meeting.

As one of the galaxy of Musk-watchers noted, 'revealing the company’s current priorities, sources of pride, and the first official renders of a few future projects'.

I've blogged before on the presentation 'skills' of who is as I post here, the World's Richest Person.

Yet his performances remain largely compelling.

The above features 23 'slides'.

Three of which are title cards.

And two animations.

The rest are all the same format.

A still with writing on.

'Exciting' photography, with text, in capitals, placed on. Usually at the top.

Meme ready.

Talking of which, such treatments can be termed an image macro.

Although Musk prefers a thin-weight sans serif font, instead of the memesters' beloved Impact.

I wondered what to make a month on, of there being 3 million views.

Does it feel a lot? Or fewer than you'd expect?

In any case, the fact that he chose 21 static slides should give us mere earth-dwellers hope for our own deck production.

And of the animated pair, the first is merely an arc shot of a rocket on its pad, pre-launch. The second, yes, is more a 'wow' factor. Notably taking up a third of total duration. We Can Make Satellites In Space. Well, deliver them once in orbit in batches, at any rate.

Below - again, for comfort we can do this for our own 'pitch' - is his stats slide.

Despite wondering what happened to the possibly 'missing' 38, or even 62, if SpaceX can do this, then so can we, right?

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