Embedding Your Dutch Reach

I must confess that when I heard we must embrace the Dutch Reach my attention continued with a fair degree of caution.

Then I learned *phew* that it was all about preventing cyclists from crashing into your vehicle to end the feared “car-dooring”.

By learning to open your car door when getting out using your ‘other’ hand to pull the lever, you stop running  the risk of a passing bike crashing into you. As shown in The Times graphic above.

I thought about friends of mine that had suffered this. Then on the more mundane, how after parking in downtown San Francisco, I forever after turn my wheels pavement-wards on any hill around the world..

It also brought to mind how I now eat a banana. Much better off, I might add, after seeing how a monkey does it ‘properly’.

There’s often a singular, small piece of Sales behaviour any such endeavour is trying to switch in for an aged one that has anchored through (bad) habit.. Changing it can be a nightmare.

Not least because of all those psyches that say any such change must be enacted a mountainous number of occasions before it becomes natural behaviour.

I’ve seen sales leaders tear their hair out, struggling to ensure a specific phrase, objection handle or routine takes hold.

Whether it be as matter-of-fact as a piece of instilled vocabulary, ranging right the way through elements of deal orchestration, then evoking the Dutch Reach may well be a gentle way of helping your selling improvement take hold.

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