Enduring Functional Partying

Breaking news alert may not be necessary.

Men have fewer friends than women. Married men overwhelmingly leave it to their wives to curate their social diary. Men prefer (sometimes transient) groups, women more long-lasting one-on-one friendships.


Here's one such commentary I read around this.

Drawing on Aristotle’s classification of friendship, counsellor and psychotherapist Adrian Wilson-Smith divides non-sexual relationships into three distinct categories: functional, partying and enduring.

In the light of my current focus [seeking to expand my network for those interested in Video Calls That Sell] I naturally wondered whether there was crossover from personal to business relationships.

These three types of buyers I think do have their place when seen from their perspective.

Functional. Those for whom you allow a quick, snapshot in time, once-off win.

Partying. We're akin to a separate specialist department on-tap when required. And when such occasion duly calls, you come on with a bang.

Enduring. Clients see you as integral to their doing business. Beyond 'trusted advisor'.

Other taxonomies are available, sure. Boundaries blur. And degrees of overlap (co-)exist.

Indeed, just earlier this year I noted the useful concept of the situationship.

Yet denoting such a level of intimacy, transaction frequency and legacy does I feel hold merit.

For instance, does one label cover your 'best' customers?

Where 'best' might read; highest profit, easiest won, longest paying, most sustainable, readily repeatable.

If so, then right there you've an essential both process and qualification flag.

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