Job Cull via Video Call

American newshounds NBC see their exclusive Facebook bonfire footage plastered across feeds this week.

Above, its screenshot of Mark Zuckerberg. Announcing that because of his over-ambition, 11,000 of his staff are now to be fired. One in eight of his entire workforce.

Wonder if he ever saw 2009 Oscar-nominated movie Up in the Air?

Rather than debate whether his 'metaverse' obsession is merely a Myspace 2.0 rabbit hole to oblivion, I feel it is of note to examine his video call backdrop.

Such zoomscapes from an office we're all familiar with.

Given the absence of any visible co-workers, it may be that he was alone there.

Perhaps reinforced by dint of wearing no earphones. Or maybe he's privately enclosed, separated from outside noise by glass walls.

If we gloss over the screen glare - which may be down to the whistleblowing recorder's set-up - you do get quite a neat, unobtrusive, almost camouflaging view of the tall ceiling and its skeletal components.

This strikes me as quite a curated projection. Whilst trying to look not so.

I suggest this, because his eyes frame plumb straight in centre-screen.

The ability to see atrium inner rooving may give the impression of a standard laptop placement atop a desk. Yet the angle of the brown window frame screen-left hints otherwise.

But then, where exactly is this?

Is the beige board also to his right deliberately obscuring anything?

Where's the wall adornment and typical office paraphernalia that you'd expect to litter such scene? And what is that strange room angling away screen-right?

Again, the lighting (sans glare) seems spot on. Almost as if it's conscious. Well lit background coupled with a purposeful foreground illumination. Allowing the expression, and emotion, of the speaker to come across.

And finally, the dress code.

When did he stop wearing the dark grey t-shirt? The ones he famously bought in bulk so that everyday he could pick the same item and never be troubled by traumas of selecting daily outfits?

Fuchsia is the future, hey. Or whatever vibrant hue of dark pink it actually is.

I am compelled to say that I rather like to wear a t-shirt when on video sessions myself. Despite having once bought a snazzy tone to match a prospect brand palette, alas with no commission for work gained after.

The great Garr Reynolds spurred me on to this. His black tees in front of a blackboard is a vibe I copy. Although nowadays with an array of (plain, single) colours.

I actually think they work better than the tired golf-style collar with two buttoned neck tops. I realise it may be a shock to some, and whilst in-person not advised, on-screen they work.

If, by the way, temperature is not t-shirt friendly, a smart plain jumper on top is my other go-to. Long gone I think are the days of having to be suited and booted for first video encounters. No matter how much I like to sport such uniform of my sales youth.

Can you too Be Like Zuck (without the mass sackings, obvs)?

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