Fancy A Nibble?


Hats off to the lad with the sales nous at Folk Coffee Company on Cape Town’s city bowl Bree Street.

There I was happily sipping an Elevenses coffee. Having turned down at the outset an accompanying offer of food from his colleague.

With a smile he enquired;

“A little nibble, a cupcake maybe?”

I politely declined the invite.

Yet did admire the attempt.

What a lovely phrase ‘fancy a nibble’ is.

Straight away I mulled different options on the same theme.

“A little added oomph?” “Touch more power?” “An extra helping hand?”

Not quite nibbles. And I’d like to hear a slight pause after. A subtle closing silence tempting a ‘yes’ to jump in. Then the detail end.

The good old alternative close sprang right up. As much as I adore The Birmingham No. 2 Close (“Do you wannit or not?”) ‘which’ is a shamefully underused sales power concept.

In this case, “…a cupcake or something more savoury perhaps?” is a good starting point.

Back in our b2b realm I did wonder on how infrequently clients get asked to add a cheeky little nibble.

Extra services, another module or slight upgrade.

There’s plenty of scope.

What’s your cupcake that can double your lines?

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