Final Risk Concerns

Here’s a pleasant article to read from a lady called Heather Baldwin through Selling Power. She cheers Reasons to Celebrate Last-Minute Objections.

I flag it because I have suffered, with my own twitching ears, reps buckle at the death in the face of these. I hope this advice helps temper the panic.

There’s a couple of juicy quotes from authors Holland and Young, such as this belter,

“the message you send by discounting is that the concerns about risk are valid”

…for it is unnecessary price-slashing that is the pavlovian response of the inexperienced seller.

Five paragraphs worth reading, although I hope that the real remedy is better in the books than its summary here,

summarize the potential value,

the shortcomings of the current system,

the capabilities needed, and

the references that have been provided, and

then gently ask the buyer to move forward

In my experience, having your antennae tuned into potential buyer nervousness means you should encourage the out-pouring of such in a frank arm-round-shoulder chat about the next stages, putting emphasis on post-signature activities (which in their language is probably labelled ‘implementation’) and procedures.

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