Flick Your Luxury Light Switch

I was delighted this week to read an SME Sino-success story.

As well as the breakthrough export element, also because I love stories where high-end options thrive in commoditised, race-to-the-bottom, margin-slaying marketplaces.

And what could be more box-shifting than light switches and plug wall sockets?

Intrigued as to what actually constitutes ‘luxury’ in this sector, I found plenty of glossy shots on their instagram. Proving, perhaps, that sadly even the most creative of minds will battle with the most mundane of ‘product’. Take the bird’s nest/perlemon snap above.

Next stop, their general website.

First up, as with many such interior, accessory landing pages these days, you’re greeted with a slideshow of products in situ.

I wondered if there was any “selling”?

Tucked away, fairly obscured, seemed to be a worthy link; Why Focus SB.

What a terrific pic then appears.

This conveys surely a flagstone of their edge. There follows a text listing.

I couldn’t help thinking that these marketeers had missed a Sales trick.

This idea seemed ripe for the infodoc treatment. Pictures in the calibre of the masthead image with brief explanatory text. A quick scroll through a kind of simple slidedeck. The plain text would benefit from being brought to life with a unique picture. Each usp way more likely to be remembered.

They list a number of points which they hope set them apart. Pick the handful that can be accompanied by the most stunning visual. Stick to those.

This approach merely evolves from their present display. There are many other (better) ways of positioning differentiators.

The craftsman snap they already have I really like. How about a few more along similar lines?

A pic of a fitter mid-job in Shanghai quoting why he likes the product.

A designer holding a sample socket over different wallpaper moodboard options talking about the quality matching.

The owner of the building standing outside their worldclass construction with switchplate in hand describing how the details matter.

How are you prepped to show your high-end uniques?

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