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Quite by chance I saw a promo tv appearance by Jackie Collins. Just a fortnight before the 77-yr old fell to cancer this week.

A question she must have heard a thousand times came her way.

What advice did she have for budding authors?

She instantly replied with verve and gusto.

The gist being, get something down on paper right away and keep going;

‘Don’t think you can’t write a book. If you wrote a page every day, then after a year you’d have a book. It might not be any good, but it’d be a book.’

Her smile and wit shone through.

She echoed the movement we all know of. Yet fail to heed. Namely, do a little daily something and it’s amazing how it can mount up. Imagine if you’d have started a year ago today, and all that. As well as take you incredible places.

Salespeople would do well to listen to someone who’s shifted a remarkable half-a-billion novels. All 32 of hers having visited the New York Times bestseller charts.

Applications of this are easy to spot. Tricky to enact.

The starter being the extra call(s). Tagged on to the pre-start or end of each day.

One cold call more day after working day scales up to a highly desirable 240 extra over the year.

It won’t take a maths genius to work out how many sales this would create. Slot in your current cold call to close ratio; Plenty.

I was reminded of the wonderful Billy Stafford.

He’s responsible for a lifetime of awesome aphorisms. Full verse too.

His discipline was to force himself to scribble thoughts as his first act of the day. He had to come up with an aphorism first, then move on to poetry.

He commented a whole heap were rubbish. But the gems were there. A galaxy of them.

Then continuing the writing theme, I recalled John Cleese. Talking about forming the wonderful A Fish Called Wanda.

There were times when he thought it would never take shape, nor be good enough (if ever) complete. He went through thirteen painful draftings. And a classic emerged.

In some ways these proven pathways touch on the drive to atomise. Break a task down into component steps. Eating the elephant a mouthful at a time.

When I began here, every week I was determined to blog four posts. Now I’ve passed two thousand. And thankfully, ten years in, there’s some beauties. Whirring and earning.

What Sales drops can you turn into your ocean of Commission?

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