Fresh Phoning

There are all sorts of synonyms for cold calling. Appointment making, canvassing, prospecting, smoke-stacking. There’s just four.

The understanding though, is universal. Your approach is unsolicited, unexpected and probably unwelcome.

Like many a pseudonym, alternate names are meant to make a dish more palatable. They are euphemisms. Cold calling equals bad, unpopular, rubbish. A new name for it means the pursuit is now miraculously edible, right?

I recently helped a new business team conquer any cold call blues by channelling the trusted advisor route. It’s definitely a kind of 2.0 reboot for the practise. One central tenet is that your objective is simply

to have a conversation.

But what to call this new approach? I shared with the team my snazzy buzzword;

fresh phoning

Giggles all round. Yet it is a runner. Time to spread the word…

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