Have You Cyber Billing That Won't Make You Cringe?

Selfie. It’s officially the word of the year.

Many a poll counting down the best of the year got hasty re-writes this week.

Smashing straight in at number one appears to be the hitherto relatively unknown prime minister of Denmark. When she, dubbed the “flirty Dane”, roped in Barack Obama and David Cameron for her keepsake pic at the Nelson Mandela memorial in Soweto.

An image so striking, it adorned the front pages of just about every Western paper as a result.

Around the same time I got to hear the dismissive assessment of a 14-year old of one random Instagram selfie.

Oh, that’s just cyber billing.

His point was that the exhibitionist in question had deliberately taken a ridiculous pic solely to garner reaction and traction online.

I looked up his phrase.

It doesn’t appear to be one yet ingrained on the psyche of the masses.

But to me it is instantly understandable. With such billing being evocative of posters and billboards in cyberspace. And a cracking description.

These pair of events made me think of what we send to prospects.

How happy would we be if any of our precious output ended up spinning endless orbits around the web?

And another point arises.

Do we have anything that could be our ‘cyber billing’? Only in a good way. Something we’d produce that would put us in best light and we’d be happy to know has been liked, shared, linked to and pinned for billions to see?

As the need for mankind to photo any and every thing then upload takes hold, it might be we can both re-assess our slidedecks and one-offs to make sure we succeed in this scary, brave new world.

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