Herd Immunity From Buyer Disease

Today England reached herd immunity from the coronavirus.

Such threshold differs for each infectious disease. Supposedly requiring inoculation of between 60 and 70 percent of the population for covid-beating proportions.

At over 73%, that level is now breached here.

This tosses up an interesting Sales parallel.

Some contagions require a huge slice of protection to be negated. Measles at upto 95% for instance. Others, less so. Flu hovers below 50%.

How many a bid needs 100% approval for greenlighting?

Unless from the biggest boss, a ‘no’ surfacing among a decision making unit can soften to an abstention with agreement that mitigation measures are put in place.

Supportive consensus can be a rarity for almost any decision. After all, there is typically more than one ‘answer’.

So the trick is often – again, highest rank dissent aside – to have all the key players on board in a manner that overwhelms any emergent contradictory voices.

As such, many (if not practically all) complex, solution sales have their own herd effect too.

Do you know what it is?

If not, have you done your political mapping and empirical buying investigations to help work it out?

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