True Cyan Selling

Above is my Powerpoint recreation of an optical illusion apparently big this week.

The drill is to stare at the white dot. For thirty seconds. Then close your eyes. And in your eyelids you seem to see a colour, true cyan to be specific, that your computer screen cannot show.

An optical illusion slide can be the occasional winner in a sales deck.

I wrote about such in one of my books, 101 Diagrams That Sell.

There feels a decent application of this one when pitching.

Is your proposal (and its price tag) a smaller part of a much larger pie?

Then you can say how your well-wrought change will happily transform the whole into something better. Not seen before. More “true”.

And to ram home your point, use a different palette as a second slide to imprint the idea that life when committed to you will be much more worthwhile. All that’s needed is their equivalent of a thirty-second gaze.

As with my sample here. In my Video Calls That Sell bookcover colours;

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