Holland Code Prospect Personalities Profiling


Wikipedia today lists around thri-dozen different tests that purport to uncover personality traits and types. Holland Codes are ones that supposedly tell you what career you ought be in.

Its RIASEC framework breaks down as;

R: Doers (Realistic)
I: Thinkers (Investigative)
A: Creators (Artistic)
S: Helpers (Social)
E: Persuaders (Enterprising)
C: Organisers (Conventional)

As I tend to with such, I wondered whether they’d make a worthy prism through which to view your current prospect personalities.

I sense there may indeed be a selling positive. For instance;

If you need a more practical take, then seek help from a ‘realistic’ person.

Looking to unearth tricky data, then asking someone who’s ‘investigative’ would be a great place to start.

Riffing on a concept or building on an idea, the ‘artistic’ is your friend.

Spreading the word, find that ‘social’.

Need a prospect to take a risk somewhere, then someone ‘enterprising’ is your ideal.

Need stats or fact checking, then the ‘conventional’ will come onside.

It could be a useful forecast exercise. Matching the driving force to the prospect could well open up a wonderful path.

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