How B-Corp Thinking Can Make You The Sales A-Corp

B Corp” – a company which puts social and environmental accountability at the heart of their business.

As I read on the wires surrounding the 2015 IPO of online craft marketplace, Etsy.

There’s even have an umbrella ‘certification body‘. Which they themselves describe as like coffee’s Fairtrade and organic produce stamps.

The B stands for Benefit.

They have a mantra too; B the change.

I wonder how many a sales team lives and breathes a parallel of this?

A salesforce, for argument’s sake, which puts bill payer and user accountability at the heart of what they do…

Too few?

How do you prove, day in day out, that you are a killer ‘B’ for your client? As in Benefit.

If this is a stretch (and I hope it isn’t), then there are other avenues to pursue.

To keep in with the spirit, I do like the sound of an S Corp. As in Sustainability. Every salesteam must embrace having a sustainable, repeatable, successful formula. It truly benefits both them and their customers.

What if you have something excitingly special, are you the X Corp with your ‘X factor’ at the core of what you do for your clients?

Maybe the P Corp for the way you uniquely find and fix a certain problem?

Perhaps inspiration from another language, like a Φ Corp (Greek capital letter phi, lowercase; φ), say for your golden delivery (as it signifies the Golden Ratio)?

A left-field yet everyday character could work, so if you prevent your customer from digging ever deeper holes from which there’s no escape without you, be a ♤ Corp (playing card suit of spades, which also comes filled-in; ♠) and stop them shovelling.

Or how about something like a ^ Corp (circumflex French sign) for the personal accent you put on clientside hand-holding?

There’s plenty of choice for the creative seller.

And a neat way one sales period of aligning all stakeholder goals behind a single powerful banner.

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