Stuff Elon Says

Alright, so ‘stuff’ is maybe not quite the ‘s’ as used by this compiler of Elon Musk utterings.

Salespeople often scramble for ‘insightful’ quotes from the ‘famous’ to splatter across a presentation.

Usually, it must be said, although not exclusively, ones for internal eyes only.

I’m not a huge fan of the googled citation.

If you are going to fire one off, it’s sometimes better to take a sample of such ‘wisdom’ and slightly alter it for your purposes.

The easiest way being to put the original up, with your annotations on top.

A line through one or two words, with your relevant alternates then plastered in their place.

And seeing a collation of quotes from media darling Mister Electric Car and Mister Mars combined reminds me of this tactic.

Here’s just a selection that can be adapted to many a solution arena. Happy propulsion…;

if you can show people that there is a way, then there is plenty of will

you show a little leg, but not all of it

the United States is the least bad at encouraging innovation

It’s as though things automatically improve. They do not automatically improve!

we do hire some MBAs but it’s usually in spite of the MBA, not because of it

if humanity had taken an extra 10% longer to get here, it wouldn’t have gotten here at all

a lot of the major newspapers seem to be trying to answer the question: what is the worst thing that happened on Earth today?

They don’t want a fair competition. They don’t even want an unfair competition. They want no competition at all.

in fact, at one point the judge actually had to remind the justice department lawyer that he works for the American people, not Boeing and Lockheed

there’s no stone that hasn’t been overturned, at least twice, to maximize the probability of success

And frankly, if our rockets are good enough for NASA, why are they not good enough for the Air Force? It doesn’t make sense.

we’re probably going to have to iterate our way there I think

I would advocate starting with the simplest useful system … Essentially, if you’re trying to create a company it’s important to limit the number of miracles in series.

we also need to make sure we don’t create SkyNet

Now, the obvious problem with solar power is that the Sun does not shine at night. I think most people are aware of this.

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