How Does Change Blindness Afflict Your Buyers?

Here’s a cheeky concept I came across watching a truly woeful BBC-filler show on brains. To show that our mind shuts things we see out and fills in from memory or guesswork, the viewer was invited to take in everything from a flickering image of two people on baby-bikes. You think you’ve nailed it, piece of cake, until they reveal the details you missed.

This is known as change blindness.

Well. Straight away you can guess where I was headed with this.

How many buyers are similarly afflicted?

And more importantly, how can you produce your own ‘reveal’ that makes them see the unseen?

Asking buyers right out what will change, has changed, is changing, seems a good place to start.

What’s missing, stopped, gone? What’s needed, wanted, essential?

Those open to, and willing to embrace, change are our dear friends…

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