How Technical Reverse Engineering Of Car Seat Mumprenuer Can Inflate Your Sale

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Here’s a clipping this Summer about newly successful Bubblebum inflatable car seats

Beyond the surface layer of entrepreneurial never-say-die spirit, there’s a decent tip here on how to overcome naysayers.

One of my most hated traits I encounter is when people tell you something will never happen. You’ll come a cropper. Forget trying to leave all us other crabs from our bucket.

There’s even a psychological term for it. It’s as if encouragement was always such an evil.

The great line is simply;

“tell me all the technical reasons why this can’t work…”

It’s a belter.

How often do you get people telling you what you intend cannot be done when you know they’re talking rubbish. It’s all about their blind stubbornness. Not facts. Stuck, tied to a present.

This disarms. Removes the emotional attachment. And turns focus onto how something could happen. Enabling the following “reverse engineering” play.

I can though imagine a dismissive answer of “nothing”. But any such utterance in a crowded room would surely fatally expose the perpetrator and begin to gather crucial allies to your way of thinking.

Thanks to Grainne Kelly and her redoubtable fortitude for giving us solution sellers another winning line.

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