How To Make A Million Before Lunch


Many salespeople like to think of themselves as running their own business. They feel that working their own patch is the closest you can get to being an entrepreneur.

Whilst sympathetic to this view, I realise how great that next step really is. Yet there are many traits the successful self-employed deploy that can benefit the solution seller. And I was hoping for a third party hint or two from this 2010 book.

First of all, I must say I felt a touch cheated when I got to the end. In her conclusion, the author admits that you can’t make a mill before lunch, but never fear, as you can have the idea before lunch. Right. So much for the title.

Anyway, here’s a dozen takeaways I found relevant to the solution selling winning approach;

make sure you really understand what you’re in

understand where your service is better

be single minded

“whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right”

“failure is life’s way of saying you must do better next time”

the inexperienced consistently undercharge

remind buyers that “they get what they pay for”

don’t be afraid to ask for help

ditch troublesome customers

ask yourself “let’s see what happens if…?”

try something new often, and on a small scale first

accept you’ll have to innovate and change

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